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Categories and characteristics of zippers

Public date: 2020-11-6 9:15:34

The zipper is a connecting piece which can make the articles merge or separate depending on the chain teeth arranged continuously. It is widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc.

1. The fastener is composed of a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth on the two belts, which is used to connect the edge of the opening (such as clothes or bag mouth). A sliding piece can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening;

2. A chain attached to something (as a suspended or dropped object) to tighten, stabilize, or guide it.

Composition of zipper

The zipper is composed of chain teeth, pull head, up and down stop (front code and back code) or locking parts. The key part is the chain teeth, which directly determines the side tension strength of the zipper. Generally, zippers have two chain belts. Each chain belt has a row of teeth, and the two rows of chain teeth are staggered. With the help of the pull loop, the chain teeth on both sides can be meshed or separated.

1. Tape: a flexible belt made of cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber, which is used to carry chain teeth and other zipper components;

2. Rib: the reinforcing part of the edge of a cloth belt used to carry metal or plastic chain teeth;

3. Rope: refers to the rope formed by multiple strands of fiber in the middle of the band;

4. Coops: refers to the teeth with certain shape after being processed by metal, plastic and other materials;

5. Filler cord: made of multi strand fiber thread, used for nylon zipper chain production;

6. Chain: refers to the continuous arrangement of teeth;

7. One side zipper chain: the tooth chain is fixed on the cloth belt, called dental chain belt;

8. Zipper chain: the chain belt is formed by meshing the chain belts on both sides;

9. Top stop: it is fixed on the tooth chain belt to prevent the pull head from sliding out of the tooth chain belt when the tooth chain is closed;

10. Bottom stop: a stop fixed on the tooth chain belt, which prevents the pulling head from sliding out of the tooth chain belt when the tooth chain is opened, and the two sides of the tooth chain belt can not be completely separated;

11. Back & forth head tape: the cloth belt without chain teeth on the zipper is called the head, the upper end is the front head, and the lower end is the back head;

12. Pin separable: a tubular part fixed at the end of the open zipper for completely separating the chain belt;

13. Pin box: a square piece fixed at the end of the open end zipper for completely separating the chain belt;

14. Two pin: a kind of tube-shaped gear fitting with the intubation for the double tail zipper;

15. Reinforced tape: a composite sheet used to enhance the bonding strength of intubation, socket and cloth tape, and prolong the service life of zipper;

16. Slider: the moving part that makes the teeth engage and pull apart;

17. Puller: it is a component of the pull head, which can be designed to connect various geometric shapes with the body of the pull head or through middleware to realize the opening and closing of the zipper; (it can be directly hung or indirectly hung).

18. The connector is an intermediate element connecting the pulling head body and the pulling sheet;

Types of zippers

1. Nylon zipper: invisible zipper, through zipper, back waterproof zipper, no through zipper, double bone zipper, woven zipper, etc.

2. Resin zipper: gold (silver) teeth zipper, transparent zipper, translucent zipper, animal luminous zipper, bud zipper, diamond zipper.

3. Metal zipper: Aluminum teeth zipper, copper teeth zipper (brass, white copper, bronze, red copper, etc.), black nickel zipper.

Use and troubleshooting of zipper

Reasonable and correct use of zippers is an important way to improve the service life of zippers. Reasonable use includes two meanings: one is to choose the right zippers, and the other is to correctly sew and use zippers of different specifications and varieties on the right clothes.

1. Important tips for choosing zippers

Because the adaptability of zippers is different in different environments and occasions, different specifications have a certain scope of application, and the requirements of ordinary zippers and special zippers are different. Therefore, when choosing zippers, the manufacturers should pay attention to the following problems:

(1) Zipper application object

When purchasing zippers, the purchasing party should inform the zipper manufacturer which kind of products the zipper is used on and whether there are special post-treatment requirements for the products. If it is washed with ordinary water or acid enzyme, it is convenient for the zipper manufacturer to meet the requirements of supporting products and adjust the quality and personalized requirements of the zipper.

(2) Zipper length and allowable tolerance

The meaning of zipper length is different in different zipper forms. Since zipper is a flexible fabric, it will have certain expansion rate under external force. When purchasing zipper, it must be considered;

(3) Requirements for zipper composition

As different countries and regions have different environmental and ecological requirements for textiles, and the inspection methods are also different, especially the requirements for dual nitrogen, free of heavy metals and inspection needles, etc., it is better to indicate the countries and regions where the products are exported or directly put forward the requirements for zipper components in the procurement of zippers.

(4) Safety tips for zipper of children's clothing

In order to ensure the safety of children's clothing, we should not only control the chemical composition of zipper products, but also have requirements for metal accessories, such as the use of injection molding upper and lower stop, metal parts without sharp edges, etc., to avoid sharp angle injury and scratch children's skin.

2. Matters needing attention in using zipper products

(1) Correct selection and use of pulling head

Different pullers have different functions, and should be

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